Every day I browse sites/emails that could use a little help in design. This section sort of catalogs my eagerness to simplify or enhance these sites.

*NOTE: I don’t work for these companies and don’t have any user statistics on how user reacts to their design, my opinions are really based on my past experience in design and usability.

This weeks potential redesign, Edwards.com

Sep 10 09 by everydayworks

Back in 2004, I worked with Edwards.com to redesign their web site. It was more of an over haul than a redesign, the previous site had no content and showed little or no product. The process of building a huge site like that was enormous.

Current Edwards.com Site

Fast forward to today. The site is a bit out dated and lacks any sort of style, or personal touch. You can see above the current look and feel is a bit corporate, and has a more engineering type of style. After all they do engineer products and is a corporate company. For a while though, I’ve been wondering if there was another way to express that and bring it up to date. After a bit of research and inspiration searching. I’ve came up with a new look and feel.

I’ve cleaned out all the cluttered and got rid of the redundant content. The navigation still sits a top, but styled differently. Separating block items to give it a bit more breathing room.

The imagery is more vibrant with some motion tied to it. The idea was that the ribbons would animate in with paint strokes appearing in the backdrop. A picture of an inspired person, engineer, or doctor would appear with products illustration that pop up from the background.

I’ve added a fixed footer at the bottom of the page that would float on the bottom of your browser window. I used this to put the resource section there. This could really have it’s own page a sort of extranet. But I’m thinking they wanted to highlight this section.

So, What do you all think? Does this make the current site look and function better? Does the style work for this company?

New Look and Feel

This weeks potential redesign, AE.com

Aug 20 09 by everydayworks

While browsing around on AE.com, I noticed a couple things that needed some attention. I spent a couple of hours seeing if there was a way to simplify the design. I won’t get into any detail on these. Click on the links below to see versions of the current AE.com and my simplified design.

What works best for you?

Current AE.com screenshots:
Home Page
Category Main Page
Category List Page

Simplified screenshots:
Home Page
Category Main Page
Category List Page