September, 2009

Consumer Direct Finance Site Design

Sep 24 09 by everydayworks


For Consumer Direct Finance.
Consumer Direct Finance
what’s it all about.

It’s about an online mortgage company giving the customers their best interest rates on home loans.

Qwest Super Landing Page Design

Sep 23 09 by everydayworks


For Qwest.
Qwest Super Landing Page
what’s it all about.

It’s about a really decked out landing page that puts other landing pages to shame.

This post deserves a write up.

Take a look at the image below, I’ve divided certain areas into different components.

  • Offers
  • Promos
  • Navigation
  • Interactive Product Data
  • Social Media and Send to a Friend

This page was designed to give Qwest a more dynamic/unique way to serve up content to prospect customers looking for new services.

Depending on how you got to this landing page would depend on what the person sees. The Offers area in the top left will be different for everyone. It uses dynamic text in the Flash component to change if you came from a specific place.

This animated from side to side showing different promos on the page.

Navigation/Interactive Product Data
Different panels were created to give the viewer more information about Qwest. These panels talked about product information. Users can switch between a set of product information to interact with.

The 3 shown are:

Social Media and Send to a Friend
This lets users share their finding with friends or family using the share functionality with popular social sites as well as emailing it to people they know.

My Trigger Finger – Typographic Poster

Sep 17 09 by everydayworks


For me to practice on my design skills.
Typographic Poster
what’s it all about.

It’s about letter that have meaning to me. It forms a shape of a weapon of some sorts.

This hangs in my house on a wall.

MOA Typographic Poster

Sep 14 09 by everydayworks


For me to practice on my design skills.
Old School
what’s it all about.

It’s about two obsessions and combining them to create a masterpiece.

Designed as part of the MOA experience.

Cute Hanna Andersson Sweaters for everyone email

Sep 11 09 by everydayworks

Overall, I like it. It’s cute. The cute little icon add a playful touch to top navigation. Colors are great, they tie in with the little girls dress and the offer below is big. I don’t know, for me every time time I see big numbers it make me what to look even more.

Current Hanna Andersson, Sweaters for everyone email

I got over my 40% off sale high and looked at the email more closely. And of course somethings could be tweaked.

1. The logo is really nice. And a bit hard to read when small. I bumped it up about 25%.

2. I moved the “problems viewing” link to the top of the page.

3. I’ve added some greek text with a link. This would be a one liner that tells the viewer what we what them to do.

4. The CTA. I moved it to the top more, right below the “nicely your done” copy. Making it more prominent. I’ve also added some shading to it to give it some depth and a little pop.

5. The secondary copy I moved below the CTA. If you want read it you can, if not. It’s really not necessary.

6. On the footer, I removed the “3 ways to shop” copy and reorganized it differently. The “catalog” cta is now at the same level as the phone number and store locations. Also giving some seperation between the sale offer above and the legal at the bottom.

7. The little girls thumb on her left hand, the angle of her hand just looks odd. Maybe a photo retoucher can lend a hand? or thumb I mean. I didn’t adjust that in my tweak, just pointing it out.

8. Alt tags? No where to be found. See here.

Tweaked Hanna Andersson, Sweaters for everyone email

So, What do you all think? Does my tweak/suggestions enhances the design? Does the CTA being a bit higher and more glamorous pop out at you that makes you want to click it?

This weeks potential redesign,

Sep 10 09 by everydayworks

Back in 2004, I worked with to redesign their web site. It was more of an over haul than a redesign, the previous site had no content and showed little or no product. The process of building a huge site like that was enormous.

Current Site

Fast forward to today. The site is a bit out dated and lacks any sort of style, or personal touch. You can see above the current look and feel is a bit corporate, and has a more engineering type of style. After all they do engineer products and is a corporate company. For a while though, I’ve been wondering if there was another way to express that and bring it up to date. After a bit of research and inspiration searching. I’ve came up with a new look and feel.

I’ve cleaned out all the cluttered and got rid of the redundant content. The navigation still sits a top, but styled differently. Separating block items to give it a bit more breathing room.

The imagery is more vibrant with some motion tied to it. The idea was that the ribbons would animate in with paint strokes appearing in the backdrop. A picture of an inspired person, engineer, or doctor would appear with products illustration that pop up from the background.

I’ve added a fixed footer at the bottom of the page that would float on the bottom of your browser window. I used this to put the resource section there. This could really have it’s own page a sort of extranet. But I’m thinking they wanted to highlight this section.

So, What do you all think? Does this make the current site look and function better? Does the style work for this company?

New Look and Feel

Photo Retouching, What’s the big deal?

Sep 09 09 by everydayworks


what’s it all about.

It’s about retouching photos.

Photo retouching, should designers just leave it for the pros? Or dabble and learn to do it them self? Of course, you can’t be a pro at everything. Or maybe you can?

I did this back during my days. Sometimes I retouched photos to help out Art Directors after their photo shoots. I am not a professional retoucher at all. Just did it to help out. I do think I did pretty good though.

Now, after years under my belt of retouching my own photos for projects and such, I could say that I can hang with the pros. Maybe. The image only shows some of the photos I’ve retouched. I’ve done quite a few.

Writing and Other Essays Design Cover

Sep 04 09 by everydayworks


For School.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s about playing with type as an object rather then a letter.

Again, designed this at school years ago. I was playing more with objects then letters. Number were use as a sort of code. The numbers plus the letters spelled out what the name of the book is.

Mythologies Design Cover

Sep 04 09 by everydayworks


For School.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s about playing with type and layout.

Designed this at school years ago. I thought I’d share. I think at the time I designed this, i was playing with layouts and type design.

Picking it back up. Old School – ITT Cannon

Sep 03 09 by everydayworks


For ITT Cannon.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s a big picture concept. It’s how I was envisioning taking the ITT Cannon site to a new level.

I’ve pulled this up from one my old files back in 2000. I did add a little flavor to it but not enough to stray from the initial concept.

everydayworks, Tweet HTML Typography using Georgia Font

Sep 02 09 by everydayworks


Exploring type in HTML text
everydayworks tweet
what’s it all about

It’s about experimenting with CSS Text Rotation and HTML text typographic designs.
Fonts Used


Another HTML typography design, I styled my typographic poster I did for my first post 1st Post and added “tweet” instead of “01 post”. It is used on my Twitter page for the background. I did have to tweak a few things.

  • The 2nd “e” isn’t flipped like my original design.
  • I removed the other graphic elements and just used a block color div.

Again, only works in Safari and FF latest browsers. Enjoy!
See the Typographic Poster.