January, 2010

HomeDepot.com Header Navigation

Jan 20 10 by everydayworks

For a while now I’ve always been a bit turn off by Homedepot.com navigation. From what I remember, it started off great. But now it seems though that they’ve cluttered this area. This would bring you to the current header navigation. See below:

Everything on the current header navigation looks smashed together and placed where ever there was room.

1. The How-to-Center is at the top right all by it’s self.
2. Secondary nav ( store finder, my order, etc.. seems oddly placed in sort of the middle of the page.
3. Main navigation is cramped with no spacing in between section.
4. The links below the nav just add more fluff to an already busy nav.

So with little effort, I’ve restructured the entire nav and highlighted the most important things.

1. My Order
2. My Account,
3. Shopping Cart
4. Local Ad
5. Find A Store
6. Shop by Department
7. How-To-Center
8. Services
9. Search

The main navigational items should have drop down menu that list categories and sub categories.

Overall though, It looks cleaner and function better. It gives the user less options on what they want to do and let them focus on what’s really important. See tweaking version below:

So, What do you all think? Does my tweak/suggestions enhances the design?

Have a looksee – UX Design Air App Widget

Jan 11 10 by everydayworks