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My Trigger Finger – Typographic Poster

Sep 17 09 by everydayworks


For me to practice on my design skills.
Typographic Poster
what’s it all about.

It’s about letter that have meaning to me. It forms a shape of a weapon of some sorts.

This hangs in my house on a wall.

Writing and Other Essays Design Cover

Sep 04 09 by everydayworks


For School.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s about playing with type as an object rather then a letter.

Again, designed this at school years ago. I was playing more with objects then letters. Number were use as a sort of code. The numbers plus the letters spelled out what the name of the book is.

Mythologies Design Cover

Sep 04 09 by everydayworks


For School.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s about playing with type and layout.

Designed this at school years ago. I thought I’d share. I think at the time I designed this, i was playing with layouts and type design.

everydayworks, Tweet HTML Typography using Georgia Font

Sep 02 09 by everydayworks


Exploring type in HTML text
everydayworks tweet
what’s it all about

It’s about experimenting with CSS Text Rotation and HTML text typographic designs.
Fonts Used


Another HTML typography design, I styled my typographic poster I did for my first post 1st Post and added “tweet” instead of “01 post”. It is used on my Twitter page for the background. I did have to tweak a few things.

  • The 2nd “e” isn’t flipped like my original design.
  • I removed the other graphic elements and just used a block color div.

Again, only works in Safari and FF latest browsers. Enjoy!
See the Typographic Poster.

Follow Me on Twitter Typographic Poster – Helvetica

Aug 28 09 by everydayworks


I wanted to see if can design birds using type.
Follow Me, Twitter
what’s it all about

It’s about me joining twitter and hopefully you following me.
Fonts Used

Everything is Helvetica.

I’ve also done the dark blue birdie in HTML text using CSS Text Rotation. Again this only works in FF and Safari. Sorry IE, no love from the birdie. Tweet. This HTML typography designs are looking pretty cool.

See the Birdie
Follow me on Twitter

1999ish Design skills? Old School

Aug 27 09 by everydayworks


Not sure really.
Old School
what’s it all about

It’s about a cute picture with old school design skills.

Small animation, the photo thumbnails would cycle through a bunch of other photos of this cute little girl.

Wow, Remember when duplicating 1 pixel column or rows of an image and stretching to create something cool looking. I still use that sort of technique on images rather than resizing.

HTML Typography using CSS Text Rotation

Aug 25 09 by everydayworks


I wanted to experiment with type using only HTML text.
css typography
what’s it all about

It’s about design using CSS

For sometime now, I’ve been wanting to turn my typographic poster into fully HTML text using CSS. I knew it was possible, I just didn’t know how. After hours of research on CSS Text Rotation, I came across site that had just the information I needed. So with a little CSS and Designs skills I coded this first Typographic poster using only HTML text. My font selections were limited of course. This didn’t really stop me from creating something really nice to look at. Stay tuned, i’ll finish more HTML Typography designs for all to see.

View the HTML CSS Text Rotation

I haven’t done any testing to this, I do know it works in Safari 4 and FF 3.5.

Finally, my 1st post. Welcome.

Aug 18 09 by everydayworks


My way of saying welcome.
what’s it all about

It’s my brand and how I want to creatively express it through type.