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Cute Hanna Andersson Sweaters for everyone email

Sep 11 09 by everydayworks

Overall, I like it. It’s cute. The cute little icon add a playful touch to top navigation. Colors are great, they tie in with the little girls dress and the offer below is big. I don’t know, for me every time time I see big numbers it make me what to look even more.

Current Hanna Andersson, Sweaters for everyone email

I got over my 40% off sale high and looked at the email more closely. And of course somethings could be tweaked.

1. The logo is really nice. And a bit hard to read when small. I bumped it up about 25%.

2. I moved the “problems viewing” link to the top of the page.

3. I’ve added some greek text with a link. This would be a one liner that tells the viewer what we what them to do.

4. The CTA. I moved it to the top more, right below the “nicely your done” copy. Making it more prominent. I’ve also added some shading to it to give it some depth and a little pop.

5. The secondary copy I moved below the CTA. If you want read it you can, if not. It’s really not necessary.

6. On the footer, I removed the “3 ways to shop” copy and reorganized it differently. The “catalog” cta is now at the same level as the phone number and store locations. Also giving some seperation between the sale offer above and the legal at the bottom.

7. The little girls thumb on her left hand, the angle of her hand just looks odd. Maybe a photo retoucher can lend a hand? or thumb I mean. I didn’t adjust that in my tweak, just pointing it out.

8. Alt tags? No where to be found. See here.

Tweaked Hanna Andersson, Sweaters for everyone email

So, What do you all think? Does my tweak/suggestions enhances the design? Does the CTA being a bit higher and more glamorous pop out at you that makes you want to click it?