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Martin + Osa This Weekend Only $59 Jeans Email

Nov 16 09 by everydayworks

I get an email from Martin + Osa every week. And every week is great. Mostly their an easy read.

I got this one a couple of days ago. It sort of goes with the fall season (orange). I like it cause it prompts me to take action and its really simple. For this weekend jeans are $59. Regular price is $79.50-$120. Oh and you get an additional 30% on all sale items.

Current Martin + Osa This Weekend Only $59 Jeans

So, for messaging, You got me, I’m sold. Design wise though, we could tweak a few things. See below.

1. I added the main message as HTML text at the top of the email with links.

2. I got rid of the tiny navigation up top after the blue and put it above the blue bar with bigger text.

3. I condensed the “trouble viewing” and added it to the right of the navigation

4. I’ve aligned email image with the blue bar so there are no gaps on the sides of the email image. The tag line was centered and added a gradient to give it a little bit of depth.

5. I’ve changed all the fonts to be Arial, Looks really similar to the font used. So if wanted to use all HTML text, you could.

6. I added gradients to the orange background again to give the design a little bit more pop making it less flat.

7. I made the original prices text a darker orange. Thought I might be could to point out the discount there getting.

8. There are more little things here and there I tweaked in the design. One thing more important though is the grid. I aligned everything. The end of the “S” in “This” is aligned with the “S” in “Jeans”. and so on… It just look cleaner when things are aligned.

Tweaked Martin + Osa This Weekend Only $59 Jeans

So, What do you all think? Does my tweak/suggestions enhances the design?