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West Elm e-mails are great. maybe…

Aug 21 09 by everydayworks


When I design emails, I’ve always stressed the use of HTML text. Why? Well because of how the e-mail displays with images off. West Elm e-mails are great. They always look really well designed. I don’t know what metrics tell them but they always get me to look and see their products. I might be a little bias since I purchased furniture from them before. Anyway, I took a look at this weeks e-mail with images off. Surprisingly, not as well designed as I thought. See here. One with images and one without. The images off versions doesn’t really say much except for “I NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE IMAGES”.

I took a couple of minutes to see how I can tweak this. I change most of the text to HTML and I must say, not to far off from their original design. See my tweaked version of this email using HTML text here. The end result, a well designed email with HTML text that looks good with and without images.

West Elm E-mail Original
West Elm E-mail Everydayworks