I'm Jesse, a design leader with a strong business-oriented approach, specializing in the development of digital solutions. View my work below.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness technology, Crossrope stands tall as a testament to innovation and excellence. This premium weighted jump rope system is not just another workout tool; it’s a transformative fitness experience designed for life on the move. As a key player in its development, I had the unique opportunity to help craft the engine behind Crossrope’s mobile app, a platform that has since climbed to the coveted position of the #1 jump rope app on both iOS and Android.

Buddy Outdoors was conceived with the objective of elevating the experience for hunters and anglers. Their mission involves the curation of premium products delivered on a quarterly basis. My role encompassed brand development, design, and marketing efforts, tailored to engage a diverse audiences.


Through my extensive tenure in the design industry, I’ve had the privilege of spearheading remarkable projects. Several have achieved significant milestones, yielding millions of dollars in e-commerce revenue and amassing millions of downloads on the App Store. For a deeper dive into my portfolio, please explore more of my work.

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